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Thanks for landing on our page, I wonder how you found us!, it must have been a Manchester SEO company working on the term and having success meaning that you input into Google something relating to our business and we appeared.

Is this luck, well no it is hard work, 5EO is here because basically that is what SEO is about. Choosing keywords that bring people to your site. But you must already know this as you have searched a term relating to SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

When we first start dealing with clients who do not understand SEO we normally get a blank look. The concept is simple but to achieve results is very difficult.

When looking for a keyword to bring traffic, how do you know that this is the keyword that will bring sales. Image you went for the keyword “SEO” and you worked really hard at it. Will you ever get it?



The competition around a keyword can be the biggest problem you will have and sometimes you will never win as there are so many factors than assist in a number 1 ranking.

In terms of Search Engine Optimisation Success you will need to get the simplest of things right. If you look at sites that do well in terms of in Google rankings it doesn’t all ways mean the site converts well and this is something that should go hand in hand.

PPC or Search Engine Optimisation

Remember that SEO is more cost effective than PPC (Google Adwords). To help you understand this imagine running a website for lets say 2 years and you use search engine optimisation and PPC. Over the period of time the rankings for the site improve and organic search’s everyday 24 hours a day with no budget limit are bringing clients.