SEO on a sweetshop

There are so many sweet shops popping up now that the SEO task for being in top google positions for the Sweets terms is difficult.

We look at the site Sweet Heaven which is a traditional online retro sweetshop. This site does very well for keywords such as:-

  • old school sweets
  • old fashioned sweets
  • retro sweets

and of course the big money keyword “sweets”.

So how have they done so well. Firstly look at the site. Very easy to use and navigate. The process is simple and you easily find what you are looking for.

The company Chameleon Web Services have thought about the layout and the site is very fast. Christmas sweets is a big seller and you can see that the site theme changes now it is Christmas.

The site is not heavy in terms of linking, but more quality backlinks have brought the success. This is really good to see.

When you search the term A Quarter Of Sweets is a term that many people remember and search in Google for and you can see that a company is called A Quarter Of.