UK Based SEO

With the ever increasing number of websites in world and the every increasing number of SEO companys how do you choose where to take your SEO project.

Using a UK Based SEO Company like Chameleon SEO Services will provide guarantees that Indian based SEO companys can not offer.

A UK based SEO Company will also have a better chance of actually achieving the results you are looking for.

The tasks involved in an SEO project also often require a level of English Grammer and this is something that our overseas friends often struggle with.



When Chameleon SEO Services take on an SEO project we look at creating unique and accurate page titles, we ensure the use of the “description” meta tag, improve the overall website structure, improve the structure of site URL’s, make the site easier to navigate, optimise content ensuring quality content and write anchor text to improve the SEO quality of the links.

We optimise your image files and aid the images to appear in Google images which is a great visual way of attracting traffic. We ensure heading tag are appropriately assigned and ensure that crawler robots are able to access the appropraite parts of the site using the robots.txt file.

We will setup rel=”nofollow” for links that should not be linked to and overall promote and analyise your website in the right way using the free webmaster tools giving access to information all the way along the SEO project.